Do you have a habit that you just can’t seem to stop? Does it feel like even though you hate doing it that it has become a part of you because you have been doing it forever?  Maybe it’s something that has become so habitual that you don’t even realize you do it most of the time or maybe it’s something that you have just recently started doing and can’t understand why.

These habits could be anything from biting your nails, pulling/playing with your hair, picking at your skin or many other behaviours you wish you could change/stop. Whatever the habit is, if it is beginning to affect your life either physically or emotionally it may be time to get help.

At Listowel Hypnosis, we have many clients who have felt their habits have taken a toll on their lives in different ways like their relationships, their physical appearance, their careers, their emotional well-being and they are ready to take back control.  They are fed up with feeling frustrated that their “will power” of deciding to stop hasn’t worked after trying time and time again to tell themselves they could just stop doing it but with little to no success.

When these clients finally come to us they find that being able to use Hypnosis as a tool allows them to really let go of their habits much easier and faster than they ever imagined. Our programs help these clients to see that these habits don’t have to be seen as “bad”or shameful, that they have actually been serving a purpose or a need that was important. They may not know what that purpose was but by using Hypnosis they see that they can KEEP whatever positive intention it had (relieving stress, feeling connected, avoiding overwhelm, a way to feel self-worth etc.) all while being able to choose the behaviours that feel healthy and really meet their needs in an even more effective way.

The freedom our clients find to get their needs met while letting go of the old sabotaging feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment have most clients wishing they had tried Hypnosis sooner.

Have your “bad” habits had their time and are you ready to find ways that really help you live your life the way you desire?  Is it time you make a single minded decision to finally have the freedom and confidence of letting these habits go that you have been searching for?

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