Do you have a Fear that takes you away from really enjoying your life? It may be a Fear that you have had for as long as you can remember or something that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Fears may be things like bees, insects, snakes, driving, flying, elevators, going to the doctor or dentist or really anything that causes you to shut down or feel stressed just at the thought of it. You may even get a very strong physical reaction to these events like sweating, shaking, aches in your stomach or other areas of your body. You may even tell yourself that this fear is only in your mind and illogical but that doesn’t make the reaction any less real in that moment. 

These Fears can be formed in many different ways. It could have been learned from watching others around you as you grew up, people who may have had these same Fears, unintentionally teaching you how to react to them. You may have had a bad experience that caused the fear which was never neutralized afterwards allowing the Fear to build and become stronger. Maybe your imagination makes your memory of it bigger than what actually happened. Or maybe it wasn’t even something that happened directly to you, but something you saw on a television show or movie as a kid that stuck with you since. Sometimes these experiences may lie dormant until something triggers the subconscious memory. Whatever the cause, if your Fears are causing you to lose the moments of your life that really matter it may be time to get the help you need to move forward once and for all.

Ready to Present in Front of People Before I started Hypnosis I was terrified of public speaking and I lacked confidence in my ability to communicate effectively. My heart would pound, my voice would shake and I would sweat a lot. After only a few sessions I noticed a big difference! I was able to do a presentation much easier and with confidence, I could not believe it! Now I feel ready to present in front of people with much more ease and gaining more confidence each time.
I Got On A Plane! I have been terrified of flying for over 20 years! I had a very irrational fear that stemmed from when I was a teenager because of a traumatic experience with a family member. I had very much wanted to go on vacation but had always let my fear stop me from going. During my program I decided to book a flight confident I would be able to get on the plane, I used my audio program right before and did some visualization and breathing tools and guess what? It Worked! And I actually didn’t mind the flight at all, they had good food and movies and that is what I remember about it. I am truly amazed! A very big thank you to Listowel Hypnosis for everything that you have helped me to accomplish. I have gained back my self-confidence and self-control. I would highly recommend Listowel Hypnosis to anyone who is seriously looking for help in any area of their life.

Hypnosis is a great, natural way that can help people view their Fears in new ways. Ways that can help the old power and intensity the Fear had seem less intense, easier to manage and even as a thing of the past. The tools learned with our programs allow you to feel more calm and relaxed while handling these old fears. It is important to know that these limiting feelings were solidified over time so though some positive shifts happen instantly, sometimes it can take practice to prove to yourself that the positive changes you desire can happen. By using Hypnosis, you can begin to clearly see the details of how you would prefer to deal with old triggering situations so that you can feel more  confident in your skills to handle them. Allowing you to Finally enjoy all of the moments of your life. 

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