Many of our clients have tried EVERYTHING to Stop Smoking, from gums, patches, lasers, e-cigarettes, vapes, cold turkey and many others forms. They come to us frustrated and desperate to finally be the Smoke Free person they desire to be but unsure of how to finally really let go of the control of cigarettes. They know it’s time, the coughing, the trouble breathing, the HUGE financial cost each year, the worry of their health, their family’s worry and know they need help that truly works. Have you felt the same weight of these burdens? Are you Ready to Be the Smoke Free Person You were Meant to Be?

Break Free from the Chains of Choking Smoke and Breathe Easy by Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Today!

THIS SAVED MY LIFE! 30 YEARS OF SMOKING FINALLY OVER! All I can say is “WOW.” Tamara gave me the confidence and the strength to do what I’ve been trying for years! I’m no longer embarrassed by the smell of smoke when I’m interacting with other people. I don’t feel like I’m being controlled when leaving my house, for example: “Oh where are my cigarettes and lighter?” I’m way more relaxed with knowing I’m in control of my life. Cigarettes are not controlling me. Not to mention how much money I am saving!
Kitchener, ON

You can Become One of the Thousands of Others who Have Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis Today! 

If you want a Natural, Simple and Effective way to be Free from the Boring Habit of Smoking, Call Us Today to Book Your FREE Hypnotic Screening and find out if Hypnosis is Right for You! 

I have struggled with trying to quit smoking for many years. I was a pack a day smoker. I tried patches and could never go more than a week smoke free. With hypnosis I have easily quit smoking in one try. I feel totally in control of my actions and will never smoke again. I am calm and use my breathing control to conquer all issues in my life. I feel physically fit and very healthy. I wish I had done this many years ago.
General Manager
I am surprised with how easy it has been to quit smoking! Tamara has helped me gain the confidence within myself to control the habit and not give into cravings. I am now able to deal with stress and anxiety a lot better. I am very proud of the progress I have made and I look forward to reaching my new goals and being my best self!
Cindy McKechnie
Listowel, ON
I am now smoke free 2 months after having smoked a pack a day (sometimes more) for almost 38 years. I did not want to take medication again and the other things like gum or the patches just were not cutting it. I approached Tamara and Listowel Hypnosis thinking it was my last resort. I think it was my BEST resort. It was a wonderful experience. I am smoke free now and it is looking very good that I can stay that way. The bank account already reflects it. In 2 moths I have saved $1000.00. It isn't that I don't think about or don't desire it. It is that now I have no trouble at all letting go of the need. I'm not anxious about it. Highly recommend it...IF you are truly committed to quitting.
Teresa O.
Listowel, ON

After using Hypnosis I can easily relax my mind and body. Now I feel much more confident, I don’t fear or avoid what I don’t know how to do. I don’t feel as much stress and anxiety and I can let go of worries easier. I have stopped smoking after I had convinced myself that I couldn’t. I know I am capable of making many positive changes easily with some focus and a plan. I have started to become my own best friend, treating myself better and believing I deserve happiness and good things!
Sarah M.
Listowel, ON