STRESS!!! Who Needs it Right?!

Actually, we do need SOME stress in our lives. Did you know that Stress is actually a very important reaction that we need as a Tool to help us? 

For instance, we may need to use stress when we are in physical danger or we may need a small amount to get tasks done.  For example, let’s say you were being chased by a lion, we would want your stress to help you react by igniting adrenaline to help you fight or run away. Or if you had a big project at work or at home you may want a certain amount of pressure to help you complete the task at hand. But what happens when your Stress becomes overwhelming or all encompassing in your life? What happens when your day to day activities have the constant feeling like your gas pedal of pressure is pushed all the way down to the floor at all times? It can begin to feel as if you are drowning.  

If stress is meant to be a useful tool for you to have, how can you balance it and make it so that you are using it in a helpful way? And how do you know if you even Need to manage your stress better? 

Here are some of the many signs that you need help in managing your stress better, notice if any of these relate to you.

  • You feel the need to “shut down” and avoid everyone and everything often. 
  • You have low energy and feel tired mentally and physically often.  
  • You find yourself irritated or snapping at family and friends for no reason.
  • Your eating habits have increased or decreased drastically. 
  • Other physical signs like headaches, body aches/pains or blood pressure issues. 
There are many ways our bodies will tell us when we have not been handling our stress well and sometimes we can become so used to them that we may not even realize how bad our stress has gotten until it’s too late. Letting this unnecessary stress continue to take over may not only take away from your quality of life but it may actually manifest into physical diseases or illnesses like heart disease, stroke, ulcers, some cancers and many others. 

Hypnosis has been proven to help relieve stress in a fast and effective way and help people to regain control of their lives. By learning the tools you need to manage your stress better, you give yourself the gift of really enjoying the moments that matter to you. Being able to  navigate through all situations in a calm and level way, you are able to be more present in your life, become healthier physically and mentally and many even find they become more productive by no longer having their energy drained from the old chains of unnecessary stress.

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